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The "No Make-Up Look"!

Simplicity without Compromise ~       Formulated without:

Simplicity without Compromise
All of our 

Cosmetics & Skincare 

are formulated without:

Parabens · Formaldehyde Donors · Phthalates · Gluten · Fragrance · Animal Derived Ingredients · Oil

Clean beauty that is cruelty-free & vegan

Your best skin everyday!

Skin Perfection

Versatile, multi-use, and safe for all skin types, the oil free magical formulas of our cosmetics and skin care, blend seamlessly into the skin, helping to illuminate, nourish and optimize skin health.

Founder Sandra Milligan created illumalift™  products to address the needs of people who want to look youthful and fresh using  clean beauty formulations. 

Mixing science and nature to give you your best skin day!

What makes us different?

Have you ever heard of a cosmeceutical? We have created a clean beauty hybrid between skin-care and cosmetics. Illumalift foundation and brightener allows you to look airbrushed and radiant without the look or feel of wearing makeup, all while helping to enhance the health of your skin with the full percentage of our active ingredients (making them 100% effective).

“Since you’re wearing makeup every day, it only makes sense to add active ingredients like Matrixyl 3000 and Vitamin E, that are good for you.  

Beauty is about feeling good about yourself and using products that  are good for you inside and out". 

Quality Ingredients in our Clean Beauty Formulations

A synergistic blend of ceramides, peptides and botanical extracts effectively help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

This triple action complex works on 3 levels:

1. Favours the production of collagen

2. Helps repair age related skin damage

3. Helps to create a tightening from within effect

Key Ingredients in our Cosmetics

About the founder: Sandra Milligan

So let me tell you how this all happened.

I’ve been a hair and makeup artist for over 25 years so I am no stranger to knowing what women want to achieve when they’re at home trying to replicate what we do as professionals. As a woman who has always suffered from cystic hormonal acne, and severe sensitivities to fragrance and other allergens, I had such trouble to find brands that I could wear on myself that would not make me break out or irritate my already broken out skin. As a beauty professional, showing up to work and not being able to look my best was not an option, and nor was it an option for my clients with the same struggles. You can imagine the anxiety of having to go to work with a horrible breakout and not being able to at least make yourself look presentable or comfortable enough to be in public. It’s truly an awful feeling and one that I did not want as a long term problem. Illumalift was created out of absolute need.  A need to have a simple beauty solution to your everyday makeup routine that gave you you’re your best skin everyday.  It is clean beauty that does what it says it’s going to do and so much more.  Our active ingredient list is second to none and boasts so many benefits to daily use of our products. Illumalift gives you the glow of youth and skin health we all strive for at every age, skin type or color.

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